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What if I do not see my business need on the list?

We can't list every possible business need or scenario but...All businesses are similar in principal, but also unique in practice & strategy. We will spell it all out for you at your FREE ZOOM VIDEO CALL

What if the available meeting dates conflict with my schedule?

If there is a schedule conflict and none of the available dates work for you; simply contact us. We will make our best effort to accommodate your schedule. Closed Sundays. Click the "contact us" link at the top or bottom of this page.

What if I do not show up for my FREE Zoom meeting?

We only work with serious committed professionals. If you need to cancel, we will only allow one reschedule. If this does not accommodate you, we are not a good fit for your project.

Does it matter what kind of business I have?

We can help with ANY type of business venture that requires an online presence. All online businesses are driven by the same fundamentals; yet they are all unique at the same time. Share your dream. We can help.

Will my meeting be private and confidential?

Your recorded Zoom video call meeting is confidential. We will not disclose or share any information about you or your business except when compelled by law. Please see our privacy policy on the bottom of the page.

What if my problem is unique and "JustAskLoretta" can not help me?

Nobody likes to waste time. If you need RESULTS, not just empty promises; we can help you. If your business or goal is anything like the list on our home page, we can help you. Please keep in mind that first time meetings are FREE. You have absolutely nothing to loose.

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