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Hire an EXPERT to get your project done!

Choose a consultant with CURRENT PRATICAL DAILY EXPERIENCE actually selling a product ONLINE in today's ever changing digital market.

  • Our e-commerce store is #1 in it's target market

  • We produce SALES GENERATING social media videos daily

  • HIGHLY successful with running Social Media Ads

  • Over 20 years of personal experience in e-commerce & brick and mortar business

Our Pricing


  • Move as fast or as slow as you would like!

  • Our Consultation Packages are based on how much time you would like us to spend on developing your business.

  • Get a LITTLE ADVICE/HELP for as low as $150.00-$200.00 an hour.

  • Get your project PLANNED, EXECUTED, MANGED & SUPPORTED with a monthly retainer plus expenses. Average customer budget is 5k+.

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